Pediatric onset Lupus and Transition to Adult Care
Pediatric onset Lupus and Transition to Adult Care
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MP4Pediatric onset Lupus and Transition to Adult Care
This webinar will provide basic background information on lupus in teenagers, including signs and symptoms and how to properly manage it.  Dr. Kahn will give suggestions for making the transition from pediatric care to adult care as smooth as possible. In addition, Dr. Kahn will answer questions from the audience.  

Attendee Takeaways:
  • 15-20% of lupus starts prior to 18 years of age
  • Lupus can be more severe in certain ethnic groups
  • Lupus can be more severe in childhood
  • Medication adherence is of critical importance
  • Healthy, reciprocal, honest communication with your rheumatologist is critical

Please Attend if you are a:
  • Lupus patient
  • Interested teen
  • Family of a lupus patient
  • Health Teacher
  • Primary Care Doctor
  • Medical student


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Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
September 11, 2013