Tools for Managing Your Lupus
Tools for Managing Your Lupus
Robin Dibner, M.D.   [ view bio ]
PDFSLE Lupus Feb 23, 2011 Ppt. Slides (3 Per Page)
PDFSLE Lupus Feb 23, 2011 Ppt. Slides (1 Per Page)
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Although lupus is a complex disease, which is very challenging to patients and doctors alike, not enough time is spent discussing the day to day struggles people with lupus face.  By participating in this webinar, you will learn many practical tips about getting healthy and staying healthy.  You will hear how to avoid triggers within your control, which can worsen or flare the disease.  We will also discuss tips for looking your best and feeling your best.  You are much more than your lupus and this webinar will help give you the control you need to remember that every day.

Who Should Attend:
•     People with lupus
•     Friends and family members of people with lupus
•     Caretakers of people with lupus

Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
February 23, 2011
Seminar Objectives
  • Learn how to control what you can, manage what you can’t and not blame yourself
  • Learn how to avoid triggers of flares and infection
  • Find out which healthy habits are especially important for patients with lupus and why
  • Hear the importance of partnering with your teams – both at home and in the health care arena